Monday, May 31, 2010

ANC Week 4: One Month Down

Matthew left last Monday and it already feels like its been a year. ::whine whine mope mope:: My new schedule at work started this pay period. What that means is I get to work a short day every other Thursday followed by a Friday off. It just happened that my first day off coincided with the holiday weekend. I got four days off and now I am ready to get back to work. I was struggling to find things to keep myself busy and not spend money.

I did several bike rides, and spent my fred meyer's gift card I got from my parents for my birthday. Used it on some food, a new pillow, pillow case, and a new dress. I still have a few bucks left on the card.

The weather here has been fabulous, mostly in the 70s for the past four days. Sadly, most of the shops downtown don't have air conditioning. I found this out by going to a job interview for a extra part-time job at this Alaska gift shop. The shop was terrible. The interview was terrible. I believe it was the first time I had someone start falling asleep during an interview. I swear, I'm not that boring! Oh, and I basically got berated for saying I would like $10 an hour. Apparently a college education makes you stuck-up and want more money? Whatever. Aside from the people managing the place being strange, and the shop full of crappy plastic souvenirs, the place was sweltering! And its not even the dead of summer yet. If by some chance they call me to offer me a job, I will turn it down. Not a good vibe.

I am glad I had the interview though, or else I wouldn't have found out about another place hiring. I stopped in this local art gallery to look around before my interview and I found out they are hiring also. The place is really cute, not nearly as hot, and the artwork they sell is really beautiful stuff. I grabbed an application and emailed my resume later that night. I was asked to come down to their booth at the weekend market to talk to the owner. She was really nice. It wasn't a formal interview, but I have a good feeling about it. Hopefully she'll want to hire me.

After the pseudo interview, I decided to look around the market. I saw someone selling wood flutes, which surprised me. I had searched for Alaskan flute makers before, and they're were none. I stopped and tried out the flutes and talked to the guy. Apparently he just started making them a year ago. Come to find out, there is a flute circle in Anchorage. I intend on following up on that soon. It was really weird how one thing led to another.

Yesterday I went to a BBQ at my roommates mom's place. It was fun, we played kanasta (sp?). Her mom's husband though is pretty conservative, and has half of Africa's wildlife hanging on the walls, draped over chairs, and lying on the floor. You all know how much I love dead animals, but show some restraint man! I don't think a home should rival the collections of any major museum. Three mounts tops should be a rule. We played kanasta with cards sporting the pictures of "America's 52 most dangerous liberals" on the backs. LOL

Today I rode my bike down a part of the Chester Creek trail I hadn't explored yet. I packed a lunch and ate it at one of the parks a long the way. Then I decided to ride back and see if the comic shop was open. It wasn't. But I saw a sale at REI and I really need to get a bike mirror. I stopped in, but all the mirrors they have won't fit my bike. Thats what I get for having a bike that is nearly as old as I am. I snagged a padded seat cover instead. With all this bike riding, my lady business is getting seriously bruised. Ouch!

Now its back to work tomorrow. I have a four day work week, followed by another four day work week. Who needs to take time off with this sort of schedule?!

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