Monday, September 6, 2010

I am still the walking undead. Or, Yes I am still alive.

I figure I needed to update this eventually. What have I been up to? Well, I managed to get a second job. I was working seven days a week for a couple months. I quit the second job not too long ago because it would be too far for me to get to in the winter without a vehicle. So the search is on for a second job closer to town.

Matthew and I went to the comic-con in July. It was amazing! I'll post pictures of that in the near future.

I have been battling with the PA department of revenue since May to get copies of my tax return so the PFD office believes that I actually filed as a non-resident of PA while I worked there last summer. Finally I got the needed documentation last Friday. Hopefully things aren't being cut too close for me to get my PFD money on time.

It is looking like Matthew will be staying in Dillingham for most likely an additional four to six months. It sucks, but financially it will be a good move for us. I was bored and missing Matthew today so I decided to go walk downtown and sit in the starbucks for a while. Our first date was at a starbucks in Gresham and the smell automatically makes me think of him. Its comforting. The only trouble is, this time the starbucks didn't smell right. Something was off. I was highly disappointed.

On another related note, the weather here has been sorta damp (but not down-pouring) and sorta fall-like. The smell of moist earth and decaying leaves makes me miss Oregon. Fairbanks didn't have this smell in the fall-time. Its too dry there. Anchorage, on the other hand is more along the lines of Oregon. I am missing the northwest very much tonight.

Its been four months since I moved to Anchorage. It has gone by quick, but I am anxious for the next chapter in my life. I know things are going to change big time relatively quickly. I just need to be patient for those changes to happen.