Saturday, May 8, 2010

ANC Week 1: Getting acquainted

I have survived my first week in the big city. The job is great. Not really special or exceptionally challenging, but it is exactly what I expected. Its nice when your expectations are met.

My boss is this big guy who strikes me as either being ex military or a fishing boat captain. Intimidating, but he is super nice. My co-worker in the scanning center is also really great. We have bonded on a nerdly level. Day one and pirate verbiage was already being flung around the office. :D Its kind of fun working downtown and I know working for the state is going to be very nice. I am going to start a schedule next pay period where I work a long week and then get a three day weekend the following week. Essentially I get two three day weekends a month. Not to mention state holidays. I think I could get used to this!

The only thing is that the funding is only for a year. Hopefully by this time next year, Matthew and I will be either doing grad school, or I can find something more perm with the state.

After the work week was over, I went to first friday yesterday. I saw a bunch of great glass work. It got me really thinking about design and what type of things I'd like to try if I can get more equipment. After that I was just planning on shutting myself in my room and eat ice cream, but my roommates invited me out with them. I'm always quite in large groups of people I don't know, but it was nice to get out and be somewhat social. We went to one place that I can't remember the name, but they had hookahs. I tried it and was amazed at how smooth it was. There was some sort of mint tobacco in it.

Then we went to a gay bar called Mad Myrna's. That was fun, but I didn't really feel like dancing and its very much a dance floor type bar. Had a nice buzz though. :)

Today I had to go grocery shopping. I was hoping to get some local produce at the weekend market downtown, but all they had there was alaskana crafts and one stand with fruit. I bought some pretty apples, couple oranges and one mango. There are my lunches for the next week! Then I hoofed it to New Sagaya to buy the rest of my groceries. I got this week's groceries for just over $20. I think that is pretty good, especially when its mostly produce. If I went down to safeway I'm sure I could get it cheaper, but its quite a ways away.

I wanted to check out the comic shop, so I dropped off my groceries and then hoofed it over to Bosco's. Its always weird going into a new comic shop, I never know where anything is. I chatted with one of the girls that works there, she is into Vertigo titles and the Decemberists (I happened to be wearing one of my decemberists shirts today) too! We exchanged info. ^_^ I'm desperate to make friends! lol

I also chatted with another guy there about learning some of the games they run there on the weekends. Looks like I'll be going back next Saturday to learn how to play Heroclix. Should be fun!

After the comic shop, I continued my trek down to Title Wave Books. They apparently are looking for summer book shelvers, so I am going to put in an application with them. The income from a second job will be very nice indeed.

Now I need to start thinking about getting my java class completed. I just don't want to do it!!


TwoYaks said...

I love titlewave. It seems every time I get lost in Anchorage (which is every time I go to Anchorage), I some how end up there, and I'll go inside, have something to drink and use their wifi to get a google map out of there. :p

salsa / aka nicole said...

A very productive first week indeed. :)