Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Reviving the dead

It has been ages since I've posted in this thing and I gather no one is reading it any more. On the off chance someone is, I am going to be making more of an effort to post more. I tend to keep in contact with most people in my life via facebook, so I think I'll be changing the emphasis of this blog a bit.

Much of my time lately has been taken up with roller derby. I have been skating just over a year and I love it. I also hate it. Derby is such a rewarding hobby and the feeling you get when you have a personal break through at a scrimmage or practice is so encouraging. On the other hand, it practically rules your free time. I suppose, for now this is a good activity to keep my body and mind busy.

This season I had been drafted to the Gold Diggers, one of the Fairbanks Rollergirls house teams. Oddly enough, the other team is the Raven Rebels. While I am a raven enthusiast, and now this blog is even more aptly named, I am very happy to be a Gold Digger. My derby name is Mrs. Growley, partly in homage to my life-long love of wolves and party because it is fun to sing my name to the tune of 'Mr. Crowley' by Ozzie Osborne.

This weekend we have a game in Palmer, AK against the Denali Destroyer Dolls. For a lot of us this will be our first real game play a team that doesn't exist within our own league. I'm excited and a bit nervous. Expect to hear more about that when I return!

So, for the future expect to see more things here derby related. I am taking a writing class this semester, so perhaps I'll share some of my work here as well. For now, take care and stay warm!