Monday, May 24, 2010

ANC Week 3: Reconnecting

This week was filled with way too much eating. Matthew flew into Anchorage to spend my birthday with me. We went to Glacier Brew house the first night, he got this great pasta dish and I got a mediterranean pizza. Wednesday was my birthday and we initially were going to go to Humpy's, but after we went in and ordered a beer we decided to go someplace else. The menu was not what I expected at all. So, we went to Ginger instead. It was this great Asian infusion restaurant. We had a sushi type appetizer, Matthew had a curry dish and I had this mac & cheese with scallops dish. Delicious! We then went to a designer cake studio and bought birthday cake for me. Also delicious!

The rest of the week we also went to the Bears tooth for dinner and a movie (saw Alice in Wonderland), went to Snow City, IHOP, I'm sure someplace else...I can't remember. We met up with some friends who were in from Dillingham and went to a comedy improv show and drinks. Sunday was full of shopping for food stuffs for Matthew. We also saw Iron Man 2 during the weekend. I think it was just about as good as the first.

Sunday we went to a Lost party hosted by a friend of a friend. It was really nice to be able to watch the series finale with Matthew. We've enjoyed Lost together for years, and its one of those weird couple things we enjoy that just feels strange if we don't watch it together. I'm still not sure about the series outcome.

The week went by way too quickly. Matthew left this morning and I felt depressed and in the verge of tears most the day. :( We have a trip planned for July...I hope that gets here quick.

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