Monday, May 31, 2010

ANC Week 4: One Month Down

Matthew left last Monday and it already feels like its been a year. ::whine whine mope mope:: My new schedule at work started this pay period. What that means is I get to work a short day every other Thursday followed by a Friday off. It just happened that my first day off coincided with the holiday weekend. I got four days off and now I am ready to get back to work. I was struggling to find things to keep myself busy and not spend money.

I did several bike rides, and spent my fred meyer's gift card I got from my parents for my birthday. Used it on some food, a new pillow, pillow case, and a new dress. I still have a few bucks left on the card.

The weather here has been fabulous, mostly in the 70s for the past four days. Sadly, most of the shops downtown don't have air conditioning. I found this out by going to a job interview for a extra part-time job at this Alaska gift shop. The shop was terrible. The interview was terrible. I believe it was the first time I had someone start falling asleep during an interview. I swear, I'm not that boring! Oh, and I basically got berated for saying I would like $10 an hour. Apparently a college education makes you stuck-up and want more money? Whatever. Aside from the people managing the place being strange, and the shop full of crappy plastic souvenirs, the place was sweltering! And its not even the dead of summer yet. If by some chance they call me to offer me a job, I will turn it down. Not a good vibe.

I am glad I had the interview though, or else I wouldn't have found out about another place hiring. I stopped in this local art gallery to look around before my interview and I found out they are hiring also. The place is really cute, not nearly as hot, and the artwork they sell is really beautiful stuff. I grabbed an application and emailed my resume later that night. I was asked to come down to their booth at the weekend market to talk to the owner. She was really nice. It wasn't a formal interview, but I have a good feeling about it. Hopefully she'll want to hire me.

After the pseudo interview, I decided to look around the market. I saw someone selling wood flutes, which surprised me. I had searched for Alaskan flute makers before, and they're were none. I stopped and tried out the flutes and talked to the guy. Apparently he just started making them a year ago. Come to find out, there is a flute circle in Anchorage. I intend on following up on that soon. It was really weird how one thing led to another.

Yesterday I went to a BBQ at my roommates mom's place. It was fun, we played kanasta (sp?). Her mom's husband though is pretty conservative, and has half of Africa's wildlife hanging on the walls, draped over chairs, and lying on the floor. You all know how much I love dead animals, but show some restraint man! I don't think a home should rival the collections of any major museum. Three mounts tops should be a rule. We played kanasta with cards sporting the pictures of "America's 52 most dangerous liberals" on the backs. LOL

Today I rode my bike down a part of the Chester Creek trail I hadn't explored yet. I packed a lunch and ate it at one of the parks a long the way. Then I decided to ride back and see if the comic shop was open. It wasn't. But I saw a sale at REI and I really need to get a bike mirror. I stopped in, but all the mirrors they have won't fit my bike. Thats what I get for having a bike that is nearly as old as I am. I snagged a padded seat cover instead. With all this bike riding, my lady business is getting seriously bruised. Ouch!

Now its back to work tomorrow. I have a four day work week, followed by another four day work week. Who needs to take time off with this sort of schedule?!

Monday, May 24, 2010

ANC Week 3: Reconnecting

This week was filled with way too much eating. Matthew flew into Anchorage to spend my birthday with me. We went to Glacier Brew house the first night, he got this great pasta dish and I got a mediterranean pizza. Wednesday was my birthday and we initially were going to go to Humpy's, but after we went in and ordered a beer we decided to go someplace else. The menu was not what I expected at all. So, we went to Ginger instead. It was this great Asian infusion restaurant. We had a sushi type appetizer, Matthew had a curry dish and I had this mac & cheese with scallops dish. Delicious! We then went to a designer cake studio and bought birthday cake for me. Also delicious!

The rest of the week we also went to the Bears tooth for dinner and a movie (saw Alice in Wonderland), went to Snow City, IHOP, I'm sure someplace else...I can't remember. We met up with some friends who were in from Dillingham and went to a comedy improv show and drinks. Sunday was full of shopping for food stuffs for Matthew. We also saw Iron Man 2 during the weekend. I think it was just about as good as the first.

Sunday we went to a Lost party hosted by a friend of a friend. It was really nice to be able to watch the series finale with Matthew. We've enjoyed Lost together for years, and its one of those weird couple things we enjoy that just feels strange if we don't watch it together. I'm still not sure about the series outcome.

The week went by way too quickly. Matthew left this morning and I felt depressed and in the verge of tears most the day. :( We have a trip planned for July...I hope that gets here quick.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

ANC Week 2: Exploring Midtown

To start off with a total tangent, whenever I think of midtown, I can't help but think of the Dark Tower. This makes me suspicious of midtown.

The job is still going great. We got two new job corps interns to prep documents for scanning. Basically this means they have to take all the staples out and repair any pages that are too chewed up to go through the scanner. Its been nice!

I focused most of my energy this week in finding a dresser and finding a second job (part-time). I have succeeded in both and both I found on craigslist. I have to say, craigslist has been a very good friend to me lately.

I answered an ad for a kickball umpire job. The Anchorage municipality parks has an adult kickball league that plays games from mid June to mid August. Apparently there were 18 teams last year, and they expect to reach their capacity of 24 this year. So I filled out my application and went for an 'interview' on Thursday. I rode my bike through midtown (after getting turned around a couple times) to the recreation center off of 48th. The interview was very informal and I got the feeling they were taking anyone that seemed reliable and wasn't too crazy. So, there you have it. On June 3rd I have my first umpire meeting and then games start on the 14th. Weee! I am still looking for another part-time job, so stay tuned for updates on that.

Yesterday, I acquired an old dresser and two rubbermaid stackable blocks of drawers for a total of $25. Yay for no more clothes on the floor! I plan on repainting the dresser soon though. It is uuuugly! The guy said he would deliver it, which was great, but he showed up two hours late from the time we had originally agreed upon. Because of that, I missed learning how to play hero clix at the comic shop. I still went to the comic shop, but merely perused the vertigo titles and snagged the second DMZ book. I highly recommend this title.

Today I biked over to the Lake Otis area to look at a down comforter this lady advertised on craigslist. It was a good price and clean, hardly used. I only had my small backpack with me and it took about 10 minutes of both of us trying to press all the air out and shove it in the pack. It never zipped up all the way, but we tied some cord around it so I was able to bike home without it falling out. On the way there I noticed an IHOP and I realized I so very much want to go to IHOP. I didn't. Matthew is coming into town next week, so maybe we can go when he is here. :D

I found a store downtown today that was practically made for me. Its a chocolate lounge. I couldn't resist going in and ordering a hot chocolate. It was made with their own recipe of 'drinking chocolate' which is this dark chocolate sludge that you can drink straight or mix with milk. I got the spicy kind that is blended with three different peppers. Divine!

Now on to week three of the Anchorage chapter. Matthew gets here on Tuesday and he'll be spending my birthday with me plus the several days following. I'm very excited!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

ANC Week 1: Getting acquainted

I have survived my first week in the big city. The job is great. Not really special or exceptionally challenging, but it is exactly what I expected. Its nice when your expectations are met.

My boss is this big guy who strikes me as either being ex military or a fishing boat captain. Intimidating, but he is super nice. My co-worker in the scanning center is also really great. We have bonded on a nerdly level. Day one and pirate verbiage was already being flung around the office. :D Its kind of fun working downtown and I know working for the state is going to be very nice. I am going to start a schedule next pay period where I work a long week and then get a three day weekend the following week. Essentially I get two three day weekends a month. Not to mention state holidays. I think I could get used to this!

The only thing is that the funding is only for a year. Hopefully by this time next year, Matthew and I will be either doing grad school, or I can find something more perm with the state.

After the work week was over, I went to first friday yesterday. I saw a bunch of great glass work. It got me really thinking about design and what type of things I'd like to try if I can get more equipment. After that I was just planning on shutting myself in my room and eat ice cream, but my roommates invited me out with them. I'm always quite in large groups of people I don't know, but it was nice to get out and be somewhat social. We went to one place that I can't remember the name, but they had hookahs. I tried it and was amazed at how smooth it was. There was some sort of mint tobacco in it.

Then we went to a gay bar called Mad Myrna's. That was fun, but I didn't really feel like dancing and its very much a dance floor type bar. Had a nice buzz though. :)

Today I had to go grocery shopping. I was hoping to get some local produce at the weekend market downtown, but all they had there was alaskana crafts and one stand with fruit. I bought some pretty apples, couple oranges and one mango. There are my lunches for the next week! Then I hoofed it to New Sagaya to buy the rest of my groceries. I got this week's groceries for just over $20. I think that is pretty good, especially when its mostly produce. If I went down to safeway I'm sure I could get it cheaper, but its quite a ways away.

I wanted to check out the comic shop, so I dropped off my groceries and then hoofed it over to Bosco's. Its always weird going into a new comic shop, I never know where anything is. I chatted with one of the girls that works there, she is into Vertigo titles and the Decemberists (I happened to be wearing one of my decemberists shirts today) too! We exchanged info. ^_^ I'm desperate to make friends! lol

I also chatted with another guy there about learning some of the games they run there on the weekends. Looks like I'll be going back next Saturday to learn how to play Heroclix. Should be fun!

After the comic shop, I continued my trek down to Title Wave Books. They apparently are looking for summer book shelvers, so I am going to put in an application with them. The income from a second job will be very nice indeed.

Now I need to start thinking about getting my java class completed. I just don't want to do it!!