Sunday, May 16, 2010

ANC Week 2: Exploring Midtown

To start off with a total tangent, whenever I think of midtown, I can't help but think of the Dark Tower. This makes me suspicious of midtown.

The job is still going great. We got two new job corps interns to prep documents for scanning. Basically this means they have to take all the staples out and repair any pages that are too chewed up to go through the scanner. Its been nice!

I focused most of my energy this week in finding a dresser and finding a second job (part-time). I have succeeded in both and both I found on craigslist. I have to say, craigslist has been a very good friend to me lately.

I answered an ad for a kickball umpire job. The Anchorage municipality parks has an adult kickball league that plays games from mid June to mid August. Apparently there were 18 teams last year, and they expect to reach their capacity of 24 this year. So I filled out my application and went for an 'interview' on Thursday. I rode my bike through midtown (after getting turned around a couple times) to the recreation center off of 48th. The interview was very informal and I got the feeling they were taking anyone that seemed reliable and wasn't too crazy. So, there you have it. On June 3rd I have my first umpire meeting and then games start on the 14th. Weee! I am still looking for another part-time job, so stay tuned for updates on that.

Yesterday, I acquired an old dresser and two rubbermaid stackable blocks of drawers for a total of $25. Yay for no more clothes on the floor! I plan on repainting the dresser soon though. It is uuuugly! The guy said he would deliver it, which was great, but he showed up two hours late from the time we had originally agreed upon. Because of that, I missed learning how to play hero clix at the comic shop. I still went to the comic shop, but merely perused the vertigo titles and snagged the second DMZ book. I highly recommend this title.

Today I biked over to the Lake Otis area to look at a down comforter this lady advertised on craigslist. It was a good price and clean, hardly used. I only had my small backpack with me and it took about 10 minutes of both of us trying to press all the air out and shove it in the pack. It never zipped up all the way, but we tied some cord around it so I was able to bike home without it falling out. On the way there I noticed an IHOP and I realized I so very much want to go to IHOP. I didn't. Matthew is coming into town next week, so maybe we can go when he is here. :D

I found a store downtown today that was practically made for me. Its a chocolate lounge. I couldn't resist going in and ordering a hot chocolate. It was made with their own recipe of 'drinking chocolate' which is this dark chocolate sludge that you can drink straight or mix with milk. I got the spicy kind that is blended with three different peppers. Divine!

Now on to week three of the Anchorage chapter. Matthew gets here on Tuesday and he'll be spending my birthday with me plus the several days following. I'm very excited!

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