Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pets Vs. Children

I posted this article on my facebook yesterday and made the statement that if they (meaning policy-makers and those with the ability to help) could sit by and watch puppies burn, would they do the same thing for children? Apparently I touched a nerve with those who have firefighter friends and family. The fact that I equated children with dogs did not sit well. I had no intention of discrediting the work firemen do, I am very grateful for them. Still, I just can't imagine sitting back and watching a home burn because of being scared of losing my job. Not only that, but watching a home burn with living beings inside.

How can we be so arrogant to devalue the life of someone's pet? Now, if it had been someone's baby inside, do you think those firemen would have violated their policy? Probably. But a dog, well we can let that burn alive because a dog has no social value.

I view my pets as my children. It kills me to think that in a situation like this, someone would let my child burn to death because of a $75 fee. I know this is on the verge of PETA views, "animals are people too," but no this is not the case. People are animals.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog stats

Out of pure curiosity, I checked my blog stats today. I didn't expect much in the way of traffic, not with a personal blog like this. However, I did notice some interesting things.

Most of my traffic coming from linked sites was expected, spawning from places like, facebook, livejournal, etc. Several come from google, twitter, and some site I have no clue what it is, and it doesn't open anything up when I try to access it.

Most of my audience uses Microsoft. Thats ok, I don't like Macs either. 73% use Internet Explorer. Seriously people, switch to Chrome. Drink that Google cool-aid. It tastes yummy! Expectedly, my audience is mostly from the US, however, Hungary and Taiwan come in second at 12 hits each.

There are two keyword searches listed and honestly I am baffled. Here they are:
"now hnue motane" and "kefir grains el paso".

I can understand the kefir grains...maybe I've mentioned El Paso before? The other one I am at a loss. Other than my friend Hnue being a celeb star personality in her own right, I don't understand the combination of the search. If anyone would like to enlighten me, that would be superb.

Those of you with blogs, what do your stats look like?

Monday, October 4, 2010

One day I'll make mini cheeses from mini-cows.

I want a mini cow. Seriously. They haunt my dreams. Or maybe just the Dexter cows...creepy serial killer cows.