Saturday, April 24, 2010

10 Goals for Anchorage

So I'm getting excited about my move to Anchorage and there are many things I want to do once there. To start, here are 10 goals for this coming summer.

1. Learn to skate well! I need to buy some outdoor quad skates so I can beef up my skills before roller derby recruiting in August.

2. Bike the coastal trial. I think this is a must!

3. Lose 25 lbs. I NEED to do this. I gained 15 lbs since moving to Dillingham. This is not acceptable!

4. See more art. Do more art! I'm getting a good start on glass works and I hope to continue this.

5. Live frugally. I will need to save money, but I think this will be a good exercise in cutting costs.

6. Grow some plants! I'm not good at this, Matthew is the one with the green thumb. But I would like to grow some veggies this summer if I have the space.

7. Learn to dance! I think this might be doable, since my new roomies are two dance instructors. I'm hoping they'll have a good beat on some places to go to learn to dance.

8. Hang out with more friends. I think this will be doable for sure. I already have several friends planning to come visit me. I've missed everyone so much.

9. Read more classics. I realize I need to continue to broaden my reading list.

10. Write more letters. I started writing a lot of letters when I moved to the Dill, but I stopped. I need to start this up again.