Thursday, August 28, 2008

Releasing the animules

Yesterday I got to tag along on a release. We released two mink that had been brought in when they were just babies. Now they are full grown feisty carnivores! We also released a quail that had finally healed from a luxated wing. I do have pictures, but apparently my connection here at the center isn't good enough to upload them. I promise on my next day off I will find a place with better wi-fi so I can show you all the cool things.

Today I had a day off. I did laundry and mostly poked around the surrounding area. Minocqua is very beautiful and there are lakes everywhere you look. I am excited to take pictures in the fall since the majority of the trees around here are deciduous. I found a good trail nearby that will be absolutely beautiful once the leaves being to change.

Mid-day we got a bobcat kitten in. He is big enough to be mean, but still oh so cute! I'm not sure if I'll have an opportunity to take a picture of him, but if I do I will definitely share!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you sure are getting a lot of new things to do.. Lot better than birds at the airport, lol. Do you have a room to your own or is it a cabin for everyone? Glad you like the town and I know how you will love all the lakes. No fishing pole I suppose?

You sure are getting familiar with lots of animals that none of use would ever get a chance to see or especially touch. Would love to bottle feed a fawn but that would be my limit. Have an awesome weekend. Huggers