Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not quite there yet

My flight to Rhinelander was delayed, and then eventually canceled. Luckily I don't have to stay the night at the airport, they gave me a hotel room across the street. I leave first thing in the morning and then it will be on to Minocqua.

I met two guys who were also supposed to be on my flight to Rhinelander. They just got done with basic training in Oklahoma. I found it quite interesting noticing people's reactions, as we waited for our shuttle, to these two guys in uniform. Most people just stared and gawked like they'd never seen a soldier before. I found it quite rude, honestly. Then there were people honking with encouragement, wich is nice I guess, but I could tell that the two soldiers were getting quite annoyed with it all.

All in all, my traveling is almost done for a while. It will be nice to settle in to someplace and stop living off of animal crackers and the cheapest airport food I can find.

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