Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Feeding the critters!

Wildlife rehabilitation is a field that keeps you constantly busy. We start in at 7:30am, preparing food for a variety of creatures. After feedings, cages need to be cleaned, dishware needs to be cleaned, medications need to be given, and more food needs to be prepared for the next feeding at noon. The cycle starts over again for a feeding at four, then a few of the animals need a feeding at five, then more feedings at eight and nine at night. Also, we take in injured wildlife 24/7. If something comes in needing attention, we have to stop what we're doing (be it eating, hanging out, or sleeping) and take in the animal and give it the care it needs.

I've only been here two days and I already feel exhausted! Granted, much of that is because I am learning something new, and it has an overwhelming amount of information that needs to be absorbed. It seems I'm always nervous about doing animal handling right off. I am sure this will go away after the week is over, but I still hate the feeling of being unsure about my abilities.

Today I mostly learned about raptor handling, and how to tube feed animals. I tube fed a baby bunny, bottle fed some deer fawns, put out food for bear cubs, fed baby squirrels, watched a baby bunny get patched up from a cat attack, and held a morning dove to be tube fed. It was a pretty interesting day, and I am sure it will only get more interesting from now on. They say that things will start slowing down for the fall, but I think that will be nice being able to take things at a slower pace, pay more attention to detail and not screw up and kill something. Already two baby squirrels and and 4 baby mice have died since last night. Don't worry, it wasn't my fault. Lets just say the previous interns leave a lot to be desired in the responsibility area.

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Jeniffer said...

Hey, too bad for the baby squirrels and mice. :(
Good luck to you in your chosen career. It sounds like lots of hard work but also lots of fun!!!