Sunday, August 24, 2008

Leaving on a Jet plane

I am sitting in the Portland, Oregon airport waiting for my flight to Rhinelander, Wisconsin. I have spent the last several days in Sweet Home, OR visiting with my biological family for the first time. I had a blast! Everyone was super sweet and surprisingly it was a pretty easy transition.
The couple of days there went really fast, and I wish I had more time to spend getting to know my second family. I guess I'll just have to plan a stop down there whenever I am in the Oregon area.

For those curious here are some photos of people who actually look like me!

This is a photo of the Bose side of the family, from left to right: Me, Sally my Grandmother, B.C. the eldest brother, Byron my father, and Caleb the youngest brother.

This photo is of the girls, from left to right: Me, Charlotte my mother and Michelle my sister.

I drove back from Sweet Home yesterday and turned in my rental car. I then got a ride from my first family sister to watch my youngest nephew's first football game. I had such a good time, he even made his first interception! It was great to see them again and I hope I'll be able to catch more of their games in the future. Sadly, my camera was all packed away so I couldn't take pictures. :-(

I am going to need to get to boarding my plane soon. I'll write again as soon as I can. Love you all and take care!

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Lauren said...

What a good group of peoples. :)