Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hungry Kitty!

I decided to put my cat on a diet. Ever since Sage died and we moved into an uber small apartment, Kitty has been ballooning into a Jabba the Hut kitty. She has a small frame to begin with, so it worries me that she won't be able to walk if she gets much bigger. As it is now, her front legs and back legs sections looks like a normal cat's, but her middle is complete Buddha-cat.

The problem with putting said cat on a diet is her insensate crying. She does not shut up! She used to cry if her food bowl wasn't at the proper level and she would cry continually until we caved and filled it up. Now that I am only feeding her a quarter cup each night, she is making her demands apparent to us dullard humans. 'You do realize my food bowl is empty right? EMPTY!!' We are becoming pros at ignoring the cat.

Funny thing about Kitty not having food constantly available is that she becomes more active! I catch her playing with toys she has ignored for the past several months. She also feels the need to lick everything non-edible as if to make a point that she is a neglected, starving kitty. So far I have caught her licking the windows, books, the wood paneling wall, and the dresser. Oh, and the carpet too, but that was a cat nip incident. I figured a stoned kitty is much better than a loud annoying kitty. It worked.

Today, Kitty tried to take matters into her own paws. She jumped on top of the dog crate and attempted to break into her bag of kitty food. Luckily, Kitty isn't too bright and was vexed by the actual bag itself. Hopefully her intelligence isn't directly proportional to her desperation for food. If that is the case, we'll have to lock up the food and I just might have to sleep with one eye open!

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