Monday, January 18, 2010

More on the cat...

Kitty is getting noticeably thinner! The diet is working! Currently she is tearing around the apartment for no apparent reason. At least one of us is getting exercise!

I am anxious for the winter to be over. Even though Fairbanks is horribly cold, I never felt quite so trapped there as I do here in Dillingham. I need a change of scenery. I am going to Fairbanks in two weeks for some training, which will be nice. Sadly, Matthew can't go with me because of his work. Figures.

In other news, I pretty much have all the tools necessary to do stained glass. I drew out a mountain scene pattern today and I plan on cutting the pieces. Maybe tomorrow I'll start soldering. I'll post pictures of my progress.


salsa / aka nicole said...

We need a Kitty progress pic!

And super fun with the stained glass. Are you taking a class or just doing it on your own?

Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

We have three cats and one is overweight...have trouble just getting her on a diet because the other cats are used to having food down all day and just pick at it here and there.

Glad you hear your kitty is getting healthy!