Monday, December 6, 2010

Last call for Solstihanukwanzamas-eid

While decorating my heathen tree last Sunday, I got to thinking about the festive time that is Solstihanukwanzamas-eid. There are variations on the spelling and pronunciation, but really the spirit is all the same; enjoy the winter holiday and the company of good friends. Sadly, I don't know if Solstihanukwanzamas-eid will catch on. Even so, it is still in its infancy and I am making steps to beef it up a little bit.

Since we started erecting our heathen tree several years ago, Matthew and I decorated it with ornaments of Batman. Now, what better a festive figure than Batman? He rewards the nice and punishes the naughty, right? But why stop there? Why not include many festive figures into our holiday? Of course, the message is still the same. If you're nice, you get something good! If you're bad, however, bad things happen to you.

Here is our list so far: If you're good, Batman gives you a grappling hook delivered in his festive batmobile. If you're bad, Batman gives you rabies. :( If you're good, Willy Wonka gives you ever-lasting gobstobers! If you're bad, Jesus takes away your cellphone. :( If you're good a unicorn gives you magical chocolate rainbows! If you're bad, Zool jumps out of your refrigerator and gnaws off your face. :( If you're good zombies eat your brains! If you're bad, zombies eat your brains? :( Sorry, zombies can't tell the difference between good and bad. Tough luck kids!

I'm still thinking about the traditional Solstihanukwanzamas-eid feast. More on that later. Until then, what would you add to Solstihanukwanzamas-eid?

Oh and this is your last call for a Solstihanukwanzamas-eid card! Email or message me your address and I get one in the mail to you.

Happy Solstihanukwanzamas-eid everyone!

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