Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Freezing Rain Did Not Kill Me!

I miraculously survived the freezing rain the other day, just in case you were on the edge of your seat wondering. After I managed to get our truck stuck at the top of our very steep driveway, our landlord came out to investigate the source of all the ruckus.

Now, I am no greenhorn to Alaska. However, Fairbanks is very different beast as opposed to southwest. I am not used to freezing rain an inch thick! Give me snow and 40 below temps any day! Alas, the landlord pointed out that I need to "flip over the hub caps" for the four wheel drive to work. To this he received a blank stare from yours truly. Flip over the hub caps? Huh? Apparently with older model vehicles you have to turn a dial on the hub caps for the four wheel drive to work. No wonder the drive into town was so damn slick! The four wheel drive wasn't even on! After the hub caps were turned, I magically could escape the clutches of our driveway. Landlord got a hug. :-) He shall also receive baked goods in the near future.

I am going to start bringing my camera with me to work so I can take pictures on my breaks. The sunsets are amazing, but I am always working when the perfect picture arises. Hopefully I can capture some decent shots to share with you all. I also plan to do some reformatting of my blog and add a separate personal website soon. Stay tune for that one kids. It should be exciting!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Woes of Weather

This fall has been unseasonably warm all throughout Alaska. I heard that PA got snow before we did. Needless to say, I began to feel quite comfortable with the weather we have been having in Dillingham the past several weeks. This time last year there was already 10 inches or more of snow on the ground in Fairbanks. In my unprepared state, I was quite vexed this morning when I woke up to bitter wind and a dimpled sheet of ice covering the truck. Freezing rain struck us hard. It makes me very sad to know that real snow won't be making an appearance until late December.

Apparently the road crews aren't the quickest on the draw. The road into town is in great need of repair which won't happen until 2012. Granted, it is difficult to get equipment here as everything has to be barged in from Anchorage or places elsewhere. However, I hear through the grapevine that not much of anything is going to be done about the icy conditions we are suffering from today. I just hope it melts off soon. I drove into town to take Matthew to work this morning and I am just a bit scared about driving back into town to start my shift at noon. The trick is to go slow and hope you don't careen off any hills.

Just a note for those who may want to get a hold of me. My cellphone is still not working and I have no clue if it will ever. I have no message machine on my home line, however weekends are a great time to call. I have run out of minutes on my phone card, so until I take care of that I won't be making many calls out (so those of you with free long distance, get your arse to calling me!).

Friday, October 9, 2009


I have been baking a lot lately. Last weekend I made some berry pies (or pi rather). The recipe I use makes enough crust for two pies, and for some reason one pie turns out quite pretty and the other is very ugly. Needless to say, I take the pretty pie to share with work or to potlucks. The ugly pie stays at home. Luckily they both taste just as sweet!