Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cancelation of Coyotes

We were supposed to release 8 coyotes today, but this was canceled due to a torrential down pour. The first time a release at the center had been canceled due to rain according to the head rehabber.

There was some concern with our coyotes though. The 8 pups had dug a hole and disappeared into it several weeks ago. The food continued to go missing and we would occasionally hear them howl at night so all was thought well. Two days ago, however, they stopped eating and a scrap of what looked like coyote fur was found in the enclosure.

Yesterday we dug up their tunnel, worried that they might have gotten trapped in there and possibly died. How ironic would it have been if they whole lot died two days before their release? The tunnel they dug turned out to be a good 25 feet long, extending outside their fenced enclosure. If only they would have had the wherewithal to dig up they would have been free coyotes of their own accord. Luckily we found live coyotes in the ground.

That day three were caught (after flooding their tunnel) and moved to a different enclosure. Today four coyotes were found in the original enclosure running around, a little peeved their tunnel was all wet. But, later that day the disappeared back into their hole. The release was canceled anyway due to rain so, depending on the weather they will be released tomorrow.

Sadly, we still don't know if the eighth coyote survived or not. At least we know we have seven live plump coyotes to release back into the wild.

Tomorrow I'm planning on going to a concert in the late afternoon. I hope this won't conflict with the coyote release. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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